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 The Rules

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PostSubject: The Rules    Thu Aug 04, 2011 9:45 am

Rules In Faction FDSA

1. Always say hello and give a smile to the community of Los Santos who was about to ask for help or not.
2. Always reported on the radio before you charge, include your name.
3. If you are going on patrol with the Ambulance, please ask for permission or to report on the Radio.
4. If a call comes in, you can directly come to the scene by ambulance, if an emergency, can directly without permission.
5. Rancher and Cooper LS-EMS is only allowed with the permission LSMD LSMD Chief or Assistant Chief.
6. Ensure provision of First Aid in Accidents (P3K), and if a critical situation, can be directly taken by ambulance to the nearest hospital.
7. Always park the Ambulance neatly to place its origin, if you are breaking the rules, will be given a strike, and the next, and if it reaches three strikes, will be excluded from the EMS.
8. Using an ambulance with no more than a speed of 75 km / h, if in an emergency, may be performed.

((OOC Rules))

1. Comply with the Rules Server.
2. Obeying the command admin / helper.
3. Must not breach the heavy RP.
4. Do not corruption or OOCly ICly.
5. Do not abusing Command and abusing others.
6. The spirit is always to RP as the EMS, if bored, such as no RP, and willing to DM, please log-off and maen DM on the server, rather than the other player will become unsafe.
7. Within a week online at least 5 hours, and maximal 3 days online, if less than the average, will kick in from the EMS.
8. If the EMS duty, he wore an ambulance, use cmd / limitspeed on 75, if caught not using that command, it will be suspended temporarily from the EMS.
9. If you want off of Jogjagamers, off duty and off.

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The Rules
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