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 The Rules SN

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PostSubject: The Rules SN   Thu Aug 04, 2011 9:53 am

- Always obey orders from superiors.
- Always carry identification SANews, notebooks, and cameras at Work (On-Duty).
- Responsible for the use of vehicles belonging to SANews.
- Speak politely and clearly.

- Follow the server rules.
- Prohibited from using the command / news as a means of chat.
- Troll = kick))

SANews Informations:


CEO Network:
The highest positions in organizations that hire SANews and all members SANews. He can also replace all the rules and promote members of the SAN.

Network Manager:
represents the CEO and responsible for any errors SANews members. He can only change some rules.

Parts that make up, menyuting, and publish a daily newspaper.

People who are assigned to meliputkan news directly or indirectly through SANews vehicle.

People who are assigned to around the city aims to find news and important information.

A new entry into the organization and in the training phase.


CEO: $ 40.000/minggu
Manager: $ 30.000/minggu
Editor: $ 25.500/minggu
Journalist & Reporter: $ 20.000/minggu
Trainee: get $ 15,000 after being given the position

Salary will be given every Friday.

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The Rules SN
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