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 General Offenses Against the Server

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General Offenses Against the Server Empty
PostSubject: General Offenses Against the Server   General Offenses Against the Server EmptyFri Aug 05, 2011 10:03 pm

*Receiving Unlawful Goods Knowingly Taking or Accepting or otherwise receiving, directly or indirectly, and then failing to promptly report any goods (money,materials, etc) which were obtained by a person through hacks or exploit. Ban / (1 Month Temporary and Loss of Gang Slot (if Rank 5 or 6) and being blacklisted from ever holding a Gang Slot.)

*Mass Exploitation Using a server exploit to obtain anything valued at over $100,000 and failing to promptly report it. Ban

*Failure to report a Ban Evader Knowingly failing to report any person who is ban evading (in any form). Ban/(1 Week to 1 Month Temporary)

*Conduct which disrupts or interferes with the orderly operation of the server Conduct which disrupts or interferes with the orderly operation of the server Prison 1-2 Hours

*Server Advertising Permanent Ban

*Hacking Using any program or tool which gives an unfair advantage to yourself by modifying your client. (Such as health hacks, or weapon hacks.) Permanent Ban

*Money Farming Transferring money or any items of value from one account of your own to another. 1 Month Temporary Ban Stripped Account Permanent Ban if Repeated

*General Exploits Exploiting animations, faction vehicles, and ect. Prison 1-2 Hours/Warn

*Materials/Money Exploiting Transferring ownership of money or materials to avoid deductions based on percentage. Fine 50% of Total Holdings/Prison 1-3 Hours/Warn/Ban if repeated

*Abuse of /newb(ie) Abusing newbie chat for purposes other than server related questions and answers. Muted from chat, will face progressive punishment including a fine and/or other punishment.

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General Offenses Against the Server
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