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 Police Commands

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PostSubject: Police Commands   Thu Aug 04, 2011 9:34 am


* Dennys188 - used by all players, must use for every thing you do [/me pulls out tazer][once pulled out you may fire your tazer]

/r ? This is the police only radio. Used for general chatter [vent is used for dispatch/important messages].

/d ? This is the Departmental channel and goes to all law enforcement agencies ? LSPD, FBI and NG.

/m ? When in a vehicle, you can use the megaphone to send a message to a wide area around you. Use this for traffic stops, crowd control situations, pulling over a suspect.

/wanted ? This will display the names and wanted levels of the most wanted people on the server.

/mdc ? Your mobile data computer will list any complaints or actual charges against a person.

/su ? One of the more well used commands. This will add a wanted level onto someone. You must use a crime from the list when /suing someone. You must also /su someone at the soonest possible moment after they've committed a crime. DO NOT METAGAME, for example if you don't have suspects ID you cannot /su him or if they have killed you, you cannot /su.

/tazer ? Put this on a HotKey. This freezes someone in place for a few seconds allowing you to cuff them. It tazes the closest person to you.

/cuff ? This will cuff a person who is tazed for a total of 3 minutes allowing you to bring a car up to detain them.

/frisk ? This will reveal any illegal materials or other substances people have.

/take ? Weapons, drugs. This removes whatever you specified from that person.

/detain ? This will put someone in the back seat of the last car you drove [provided you?re close to it]. From this state, you?ve 5 minutes to drive the criminal to the station and arrest them. (/detain <id> 3)

/arrest ? Arrests a suspect for the price and time you want

/help ? This will detail all the commands you?ve used. Some I have missed out fro
m here as they?re not too essential. For individual help on a command, type it without any input. For example: /detain will give you help on the /detain command.

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Police Commands
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