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 Offenses Against Admin-Related Issues

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PostSubject: Offenses Against Admin-Related Issues   Fri Aug 05, 2011 10:00 pm

>Exploiting Out of Admin Prison/Jail Escaping from admin prison or jail with the intention of doing so. Prison 1 Hour/Fine 10% of Money (No less than $10,000)warn
>Providing a False Statement Knowingly providing a false statement to an administrator. Punishment may vary based on severity. Prison 1-3 Hours
>Fine up to 20% of Money (No less than $20,000) /Warn/ Ban if necessary
>Exploiting a Spectating Admin Using commands on an administrator while they are spectating. Prison 1-2 Hours/Warn if repeated
>Abuse of /report Abusing the report function. Muted from /report
>Logging to Avoid Admin Punishment Knowingly logging to avoid a punishment from an admin Ban

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Offenses Against Admin-Related Issues
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