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 LSPD Training Academy Steps

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PostSubject: LSPD Training Academy Steps   Fri Aug 05, 2011 1:20 pm

Training Academy Steps

Training Academy Staff Members, please use the following guidelines when handling applications/((forum work)), thank you.
If at anytime during this training you need to leave for ((OOC ))reasons you must make sure you put in the application what step you left them at. For example..
Prefix: Pending Title: Braddock, Sam [Step 3]and it will remain in the Recruitment Office.
If you have any questions on processing an application, contact a Chief, Deputy Chief, or Captain or Recruitment Sergeant.


Step 1: Review Application
This is the first stage of the 'Recruitment Process'. A training Academy Sergeant or Captain, or a Chief, will review your application and then decide whether their Application is set to Pending or Denied.
If an application is Pending you may then proceed with the Recruitment Process, however if it is Denied then you must wait until you may apply again.

Step 2: ((Ventrilo Interview))
((This is the second stage of the 'Recruitment Process'. From this stage and onwards you are required to be in the 'Recruitment Office' of the LSPD Ventrilo.
In this stage the Applicant is tested for maturity and questioned about certain Roleplay meanings and some important LSPD information in the Force Matrix. This stage allows us to know if you can speak correctly and are understandable.))

Step 3: ((In Character)) Interview
This is the third stage of the 'Recruitment Process'. In this stage you will go to an isolated area with a Training Officer or Chief and commence a ((Roleplay)) scenario with them. You will be asked questions that you must then answer to them without looking at your Application, this is a test to see how well you can spell and whether you have advanced ((Roleplay)) skills. If you have no serious grammar issues you may move on.

Step 4: Training
This is the fourth stage of the 'Recruitment Process'. This stage will consist of two major parts, the first part is a thorough walkthrough of the important parts of the LSPD Handbook, after the Training Officer or Chief finishes talking you through it you will receive ten minutes to read it by yourself. The ten minutes will start at exactly as a minute starts and end after exactly ten minutes. Once you have completed reading the Handbook a training will begin.

In this training you will all be required to spread out so that you may not whisper eachother, and you must turn off your cellphones. You will then be asked a Handbook question about Radio Codes, Legal Terms and Information, the Force Matrix, or Internal Affairs strikes. There will be a minimum of 6 questions asked and at least three will always be the same 'Failure to Comply', 'Resisting Arrest', and 'Evading'. This is because those three are constantly confused with eachother.

The next part of this test will consist of a ((Roleplay)) scenario where you will see two Officers show you how to do a Standard Traffic Stop as well as an Average Traffic Stop (the standard being a Compliance and the average being a Non-Compliance). It must all be completely ((roleplayed)) and show what we wish to be roleplayed, if you are able with the suspect.

Step 5: Cadet Period
This is first stage of the 'Cadet Period'. Once the Applicant has completed all the other Steps they will now commence with a Ride-along.
The Ride-along is an important step because it allows you to see exactly what it is that us, the LSPD, are exposed to in our field of work. You will be with one Senior Officer or above and will watch them Roleplay with somebody and learn what they must do. This is a fairly easy part for Applicants, because all that is required is to watch.

Once over the Applicant will be invited into the faction and will now start to patrol with any Officer or above. The Officer is required to help the new Cadet set up a Central Dispatch ((bind (to speak with all the LSPD Units) and set up their Hotkeys. They must also make sure that the Cadet requests to join the LSPD Usergroup on the forums and posts their information on the Roster using the format provided.))

Step 6: Finals
This is the second stage of the 'Cadet Period'. All new members to the LSPD are required to be a Cadet for a minimum of one week and a maximum of two weeks. This means that a Cadet has thirteen days to prove themselves capable to become an Officer, or otherwise be fired. When a Cadet receives a recommendation from an Officer or above after seven days from being invited they will be given a ((roleplay)) test and give a 'ride-along' to a Training Officer or Chief to show that they are able to do their job. On their thirteenth day of the LSPD they must ask a Training Officer or Chief to test them for a promotion and let them know it's their last day to get promoted. If you fail the test you will be uninvited, and if you fail to get the test you will be uninvited.

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LSPD Training Academy Steps
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