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 Asian RP Terminology

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PostSubject: Asian RP Terminology   Thu Aug 04, 2011 10:51 am

Role-playing game:
Quote :
Quote Originally Posted by Wikipedia
A role-playing game (RPG; often roleplaying game) is a game in which the participants assume the roles of fictional characters. Participants determine the actions of their characters based on their characterization, and the actions succeed or fail according to a formal system of rules and guidelines. Within the rules, players have the freedom to improvise; their choices shape the direction and outcome of the game.
In character & out of character (often abbreviated IC & OOC):
Quote :
Quote Originally Posted by Wikipedia
In roleplaying games, In Character (or IC) refers to the world of the characters, rather than the world of the players. That is, a character talking to another character is an IC interaction, set within the IC world, while two players talking about a football game or their real lives is an Out of Character ('OOC') interaction."
This is relates to the distinction between in character (IC) and out of character (OOC). Out of character information can not be used in character. The information you can gather as player is not the information your character has. There is a separation between your character's fictional world and the real player's world. For example; the name tags that float above a players names are not seen by your character. Thus if you use the information you gathered out of character (the seeing of the player's name tag) as information your character has, it is considered metagaming. A simple definition for this term would be: the mixing of OOC and IC or using OOC information in IC situations. This is not allowed on ASIANRP and is punishable with prison time.

This is a wide concept term and it's literal definition is varied. The concept of this term that you perform an action which your character is incapable of. Examples of this are god-like abilities. It is commonly referred to when a player powergames with the /me command. Use of the command to perform an action your character would otherwise be incapable of is considered powergaming. For example; /me takes all your money or /me takes all your guns, are examples of powergaming. This is not allowed on ASIANRP and is punishable with prison time.

Deathmatching (often abbreviated DM):
Deathmatching is defined as the killing of another player without a valid IC reason. This could be due to an OOC conflict or a dispute between the players out of the game. The literal definition of death matching would be "a match till death". There are many DM servers on SA:MP in which you can do it without any punishments but on NGRP you are not to kill another player unless there is a valid IC reason to do so. This is not allowed on ASIANRP and is punishable.

Revenge killing (often abbreviated RK):
Revenge killing is killing somebody after they have killed you. This is not possible due to the fact that you lose 30 minutes of your memory once you have been killed -- thus you do not remember who killed you or even the fact that you were killed. The rules are still slightly vague on this and do not literally tell you whether a death is to be ignored or considered an injury (once a cop kills you it considered an injury apparently). If you think about it, your character would not be able to revenge his own death thus this is not allowed on ASIANRP and is punishable.

Killing on sight (often abbreviated KoS):
The three words are the literal definition. Killing a person on sight. It is a vague term that can just be considered to fall under the category of death matching. If you are pursuing somebody as part of a hit, it is possible that you may kill a person on sight and this is not against the rules because you have a valid IC reason to kill them. Personally I think this term should be scrapped as the term death matching already covers it.

Chickenrunning is exploiting synch issues SA:MP has to avoid getting killed. This can be running in a zigzag style or literally running all over the place like a chicken without a head. This is not allowed on ASIANRP and is punishable.

Logging to avoid:
Logging to avoid is logging off the game to avoid something -- this can be logging to avoid death, arrest, prison etc. This is not allowed on ASIANRP and is punishable.

Exploiting the red circle:
In the restaurants on GTA: SA there is a red circle located next to the counter so that the player can buy food. On SA:MP when the player is in this circle they are invulnerable. Some players use this to avoid getting killed, this is called exploiting the red circle. This is not allowed on ASIANRP and is punishable.

Crash and force crashing:
Although crashes have become quite rare with 0.3, they still occur from time to time. When this happens the server will pop up a message saying you crashed to other players that were near you. If you crash during for example a cop chase, you must log back in to tell the cop and possibly continue where you were otherwise it can be considered logging to avoid death.

I won't explain how you can force crash but there is an exploit in which you can trick the script to think you crashed. This is not allowed on ASIANRP and is punishable.

Quickswapping (often abbreviated QS):
Quickswapping is quickly swapping to another weapon or your fists and then back to the weapon you were originally shooting with to avoid the reload animation. This is not allowed on ASIANRP and is punishable.

Crackshooting (often abbreviated CS):
Crackshooting is often done with a Desert Eagle to shoot at a faster rate but can also be done with other weapons. It is done by something which is called "c-bugging" which is crouch bugging. This is not allowed on ASIANRP and is punishable.

Driver drive-by (often abbreviated DDB ):
Driver drive-by is performing a drive-by with for example an MP5 to kill somebody (sometimes called drivershooting). On ASIANRP only the passengers are allowed to perform a drive-by. If the driver does it it's punishable.

Car ramming:
Car ramming is intentionally ramming your vehicle into somebody to make them lose HP/armor or intentionally ramming your vehicle into another vehicle to make the car lose HP. Carramming is not allowed on ASIANRP and is punishable unless there is a valid IC reason for it. For example a cop attempting to stop a vehicle to arrest a suspect.

Carparking is placing your vehicle on top of somebody in an attempt to kill them. This is not allowed on ASIANRP and is punishable.

Car- and planebombing:
Intentionally attempting to kill somebody with an exploding car or plane. This is not allowed on ASIANRP and is punishable.

Air brake:
Air braking is a hack function found in many hacking modifications of GTA: SA. It basically allows the player to fly and move incredibly fast. This is not allowed on ASIANRP and is bannable.

Money farming:
Money farming is making multiple accounts and transferring the money to one account. This is not allowed on ASIANRP and is bannable.

Ninja jacking
Ninja jacking is a bug with SA:MP which allows you to kill somebody by jacking them from the passenger side by holding down a certain key. This is not allowed on ASIANRP and is punishable.

Paycheck farming:
Sometimes called the time/money exploit. Paycheck farming is gathering paychecks in able to gather respect points and money without actually playing. This is done with the running man bug or with binds which causes their character to move with intervals in order to avoid the AFK kicker in the script. This is not allowed on ASIANRP and is punishable.


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Asian RP Terminology
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