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 About Gang or Family

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PostSubject: About Gang or Family   Thu Aug 04, 2011 10:09 am

Street Gang

Street Gang is a community street gang, were called Gang them with the names of streets or the like.
their daily work is to gather and walk around the area (Hood), they also mark a member.
with mentatto their bodies with gang symbols each of them.
usually an alley can be fought with another gang to seize the area or create other problems.
fights are their daily diet, they tend to prefer to fight at close range / Brawl, but there is also the use of firearms if it's forced.
Street gang usually honored what if they could maintain their regional or succeeded in killing their enemy gang members.


Mafia is an organization that is more concerned with business and play clean in doing all things, the mafia is more likely to close.
they also do not like games that rely Gangster muscles, but they are more inclined to use their brains in doing a thing.
people who join a mafia must follow all their orders Big Boss, because if you obey and respect your boss, then it is a plus point given to a member.
activities of the mafia is to run a business such as Legal or illegal, Human trafficking, gambling, narcotics and pengerdaran Guns, Money laundering, murder, robbery large, smuggling and other.
usual mafia mobsters rarely fight with others because they prefer to hire someone to kill his enemy or ordered his subordinates to do so.

Motorcycle Clubs

Motorcycle Clubs is an organization that contains people who would love Speda motors, these organizations usually spend more time on the road.
they also often do the Tour to a place far, gathered at the bar and modify their vehicles.
Clug motorcyle traits are wearing leather jackets, motorcycle big, noisy exhaust sound and body bertatto.
usually they often fight with other motorcycle gang for trivial things such as Geber or the like.
Tend to prefer spending their time on the streets than to be thugs in their area togethers (usually at the bar or in the garage).
That said, the people who are in this alley is the people who have found their identity as seorag MC (Motorcycle Club).

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About Gang or Family
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